Get all your missing customer data back

We move your marketing stack server-side with only one line of code on your site. Recover all your attribution data and improve ad performances.

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Your product and marketing now have
20% to 40% more data to be better optimized

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Better attribution

20% of your attribution data is blocked. It means your current CAC calculations don’t account for your blocked acquired users. We unblock them for you.

Ads paid without data

Better ad optimization

Ad platforms use pixels to optimize your campaigns with the conversion data on your site. But ad pixels are blocked for 47% of Internet users, until Dataline. See source.


Better lead conversion

Your marketing automation tools (enrichment, nurturing, personalization, forms…) are also blocked at 20%. You’re missing out on leads, your team’s effort isn’t being leveraged fully.

Adblock users are a growing high-quality segment you can no longer ignore.

They are 50% more likely to have a bachelor’s degree, and higher revenues.
Between ages 18-24, the likelihood grows to 300% more. And there are no bots!

Dataline unblock your tools so you see 100% of your audience

Dataline is a smart proxy that integrates all your tools through one of your subdomains. As such, your tools won’t be blocked anymore. 

Dataline is only triggered when your tools’ scripts are blocked
It can’t negatively impact your data. 

Dataline improves your marketing efficiency

through better attribution, ad performances, and lead conversion.

Optimize your campaigns with the real attribution & CAC data

Your current CAC calculations are wrong. Attribute visits, form conversions, and more to the right channel or paid campaign. Prove the full value of your paid marketing channels.

Paul Bleicher

“Before we used Dataline, we didn’t have any attribution data on 13% of our leads. We can now optimize our campaigns with more confidence, thanks to them!

Paul Bleicher, Marketing at Sqreen

Lower your CPCs by unblocking your ad platforms

Facebook, Google & co use ad pixels to understand if the newly acquired users convert well into signups or leads. They adapt the audience they serve your ads to, based on this data. 

But ad pixels are blocked 47% on average. Dataline unblocks them to  improve significantly the performance of your ad campaigns and your Cost Per Lead.

Never miss a single lead again for your marketing automation

Dataline empowers you to leverage your marketing automation on your blocked traffic. Nurturing, enrichment, auto-qualification, personalization…all is now possible on this new audience.

Leverage all the data for smarter product decisions

Blocked users behave differently, they are more educated after all. That’s why the biggest brands collect customer data from their own domains, to avoid being blocked. Stop missing out on this data, too.

Jason Barry

“Since our users are developers, we knew a large portion of them used blockers, leaving holes in our client-side metrics reporting. Thanks to Dataline, we were able to get back 32% of the metrics.

Jason Barry, Head of Product at FeaturePeek

Ensure your site and forms load fully

Some blockers prevent parts or even all of your site from loading. For instance, Marketo forms are sometimes blocked.  And you won’t know the actual impact on your bottom line. Dataline ensures your widgets and scripts always load.

Provide the best support to all your users

Debugging and delivering a great customer support experience is hard when you don’t have much data on your users. Dataline can ensure that you have the data you need to provide the support your customers want.

Compliant with the best privacy standards

Your user’s privacy are our top priority. We’re compliant towards GDPR and CCPA. We are currently in the process of having our SOC 2 type I certification.

How? We funnel the data to your tools, and don’t store it.
We only enable you to have the same data benefits as the companies that built their own tools.

Getting started is easy

Dataline takes 5 minutes to be set up by your engineering team. Just one line of code in your website, and you’ll get the new unblocked data directly in your tools!

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